The Rainbow Chasers

Photo by Paul Michael Hughes


This page is for The Rainbow Chasers, a group that was started by Ashley Hutchings of Fairport Convention in 2004. This is the band that started my career in music. I love the music we made and hope one day others will find it and love it too.

We toured and recorded in the UK and abroad consistently for 10 years or more. The videos I can find are really tricky to listen to sometimes as in those days we didn’t film stuff and if it was filmed it was on old equipment or perhaps someone in the audience caught the show on their camera. These are vintage videos now and it’s just lovely to hear and see us back then. Original line up was Ashley Hutchings, Ruth Angell, Jo Hamilton and Mark Hutchinson with Joe Topping joining us in later years after Mark left.

Here’s a video of us in 2007! Just to start you off.

Cropredy Festival warm up part 1. 2007

Cropredy Festival warm up part 2. 2007

6/3/2010 Our ‘live’ performance for Radio Solent.

6/3/2010 High Peak Trail ‘live’, sound is pretty poor!

Fortune Never Sleeps album cover.