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Rufus Wainwright 2016

“Your violin playing is beautiful!”



Album ‘LOVE FORGIVEN’ Ruth Angell and Sid Peacock

” Noticing that the first two tracks are She Moved Through The Fair and Carrickfergus you might assume this is a bog standard album of populist Irish music. You’d be very, very wrong for this gently inventive debut is full of surprises.

Not only do violinist/singer Angell – best-known as a member of Ashley Hutchings’ Rainbow Chasers– and Northern Irish singer/guitarist/composer Peacock give those opening tracks refreshingly contrary arrangements (Fair is stark and spooky, Carrickfergus has a summery calypso), many fine songs of their own surface in their eclectic sweep through a broad array of styles coloured alternatively by country, blues, jazz and folk.

The title track was written by beat poet Allen Ginsberg, while the affecting songs and engagingly mellow voice of Ruth Angell are countered by the dextrous guitar of Peacock, whose engaging gruffness offers a very different but equally enticing tangent. He brings something of Tom Waits to the shambling charm of Hope For The Young and Vagabonds Lullaby.

It’s all unexpectedly wonderful.”

Properganda Magazine



FATEA MAGAZINE  (edited version, click here for the full review!)

Ruth Angell and Sid Peacock ‘Love Forgiven’

” Reviewing music is like prospecting for gold. You spend ages digging and just once in a while you come across a nugget, something that shines out above the rest. This exquisite album is just such a nugget…

… ‘She Moved Through the Fair’ is beautifully sung by Ruth, with a shimmering, drone-like backing…..’Malahide’ is a gorgeous tune with soaring fiddle and chunky acoustic guitar….”The Humours of Lissadell” is a traditional Irish reel which has been performed by, amongst others, De Dannan .This version is superb with some amazingly spirited fiddle playing.

How can I sum up this album in one word? Beautiful.”

Peter Cowley




Manufactured Moonshee Rising by Emma Hartley at Emma Hartley’s Glamour Cave.

This review is from a support slot I did for new folk group Moonshee at their album launch at Cecil Sharp House in London. I met Emma before the show and was very pleased to see she liked my magical realism. Thanks Emma!

” Then there was Ruth Angell, who has a beautiful voice and a way with magical realism”.

“She introduced one of her own songs by describing how she’d been sitting in a cafe in Paris when she’d noticed that there was a tea chest with metal edges on the pavement nearby. Instead of calling the bomb squad, she watched as a little man – “very small indeed” – climbed out of a panel in the side, chopped up some bread for the birds on a bread board, fed them and then crawled back into his tea chest. She said all this with a completely straight face, which suggests talent”.


Emma Hartley, Folk Blogger 🙂


Ruth at Cecil Sharp House with Moonshee,Blair

Dunlop and Ashley Hutchings.

“A captivating solo set at Cecil Sharp House – Ruth’s confident, delicate voice, effortless musicality and gentle but assured stage presence make for a compelling performance.”

Bob Prowse, Producer/mix engineer.

25/10/11 at Cecil Sharp House, Camden, London


Ruth Angell at Wigan Parish Church:

Supporting Chris While , Julie Matthews and Kellie While.

David Cartlidge 17/6/2011

I often have a problem when promoting concerts. I find it quite difficult ( for one reason or another) to just sit and absorb what is taking place on stage. Thankfully on 17/6 I actually managed to do it .

Ruth Angell did a 30 minute set accompanying herself on harmonium and guitar, opening with ” She moves through the fair”.  This is a song I have a great personal attachment to . I have heard many versions , and did wonder whether anything new could be done with the song. Ruth found new territory , and added something more than I had heard before. The rest of her set carried on in the same manner.

The understated elegance of her songs was a considerable pleasure. Her in between song explanations and personal stories exactly complemented the music. Many of the audience made unsolicited comments about how much they had enjoyed her set. Several said that the song about a new addition to the family was very moving.

I have 2 regrets with her set. Firstly , it wasn’t long enough . Secondly , I wish we  had recorded it.”

David Cartlidge 17/6/2011

Wigan music promoter


Isle of Wight: Peacock Angell duo

“Ruth Angell and Sid Peacock delivered a heady blend of songs and tunes….

A consistent highlight of the evening was Ruth’s exemplary songwriting. ‘Mrs Lowther’s House’ – about a much respected school teacher – and ‘The Birdman’ – about a man feeding the birds on the streets of Paris – both had tender words and were beautifully delivered with delicate and graceful guitar interplay.

Ruth is equally talented at setting poetry to music. Fittingly, arrangements of Tennyson’s ‘The Brook’ and ‘The Princess’,  together with an extract from Christina Rossetti’s ‘Song’ were sung with great sensitivity, and played by both musicians in a very gentle and relaxed way.

The songs were punctuated by several sets of tunes – with Ruth on fiddle and Sid on guitar – played with great fluidity.

The encore was another moving song of Ruth’s, called ‘Day of Days’ written for her young nephew with a spoken introduction by Sid and Ruth on harmonium.” To read the rest of this review go to

Vic King


Isle of Wight Promoter


BBC Review

“Wonderfully energetic Welsh group delivers a storming set.

Ruth Angell’s uncluttered fiddle lends a lyrical elegance but also ramps up the drama on Easy on the Reels, which brings the concert to a thunderous, mesmeric conclusion”.

Sid Smith 2010-11-17

BBC Review


Financial Times review

The Financial Times strongly recommends everybody invest in Mabon albums now!

Mabon – Live at the Grand Pavilion 4/5 stars!

“Mabon have a fearsome reputation as a live band and this set, recorded in front of a home crowd in Porthcawl, shows why. The frontline of fizzing accordion and breakneck fiddle is that of a folk band, but the bass and drums have a looser, jazzier feel”.

by David Honigmann

4/5 stars


Mabon,live at the Grand Pavilion CD/DVD ****

“…Ruth Angell is absolutely amazing on fiddle, if she isn’t a permanent member of the band, she should be!”

“..Ruth’s fiddle matching Jamie’s accordian all the way.”

“..scintilating accordian and fiddle..”

Maverick 63

December 2010


Ruth Angell at The Hatch, with Sid Peacock and Deborah Hodgson (supporting Louise Parker)

snippets from the live gig review, the full review can be read at

” …Angell is a talented guitarist and singer.Her performance at The Hatch centered around her settings of the poems of Alfred, Lord Tennyson, Christina Rossetti and Robert Burns….serene and unhurried, the intimate performance space..suited the fragile beauty of Angell’s delivery.”

Day of Day’s…the simple sentiments of the song utterly convincing with Angell singing movingly to the accompaniment of her own harmonium and Peacocks guitar.”

“..Angell the solo artist gave an enchanting performance and got the evening off to a magical start.”

Ian Mann

read the rest at



Ruth Angell and Sid Peacock at The Hatch

“…your set was magical, transported me to a different time and place.”

Deborah Hodgson



DVD and CD

Live at the Grand Pavilion


“…sensitive fiddle from Ruth Angell…Ruth features on both the CDand DVD and proves to be exceptionally talented”.

English Song and Dance Magazine

Winter 2010


MABON Live at the Grand Pavilion

Easy on The Records EOTR01 CD/DVD

“The grand masterpiece has to be The Tale of Nikolai,The Dancing Bear. Utterly wonderful…Angell’s perfection on the fiddle…pure unadulterated magic!”

Mick Tems

Taplas Magazine


BRfm radio review

MABON Live at the Grand Pavilion CD/DVD

“…track 3 The Buck Rarebit features some fine fiddle from Ruth Angell…lovely languid slow melody with deft flute,fiddle and accordian…slow swirling fiddle lines…pure joyful energy!!”

Dan James



Northern Sky review

MABON Live at the Grand Pavilion

“…Ruth Angell, playing some remarkable fiddle…supremely high standard.”

Allan Wilkinson



Record Collector Magazine

Rainbow Chasers-The Best of 2004-2010 album review

“…the only cover is Nik Kershaw’s Billy, leaving room for the quality of songs such as Angell’ lovely Surrounded by Strangers …delightful solo vocals and harmonies…”

Kingsley Abbott



MOJO Magazine

Rainbow Chasers-Fortune Never Sleeps album review

“Angell’s Surrounded by Strangers, a touching ballad with a pretty flugelhorn solo, is superb!”

Daryl Easlea


MOJO Magazine


Rainbow Chasers-Fortune Never Sleeps album review

“…the purity of Ruth Angell’s soft vocal delivery…Ruth’s Surrounded by Strangers is a slow and wistful reflection on the loneliness of the touring musician…”

Ian Maun

Talking Elephant


Larkrise Revisited album review

“…Most recently written Queenie’s Bees by Hutchings and Ruth Angell,who sings it,is arguably the most delightful offering…”

Elly Roberts



Larkrise Revisited album review

“…Queenie’s Bees a delight written by Birmingham’s own Ruth Angell…essential folk.”

Paul Cole and Jack Daniels


Birmingham Post


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