Wow what a year so far! Just to say Peacock Angell Carnduff cd’s are being ordered today so those of you who have purchased and are waiting your hard copy we will send them out by the next week or so, thank you for your patience. You can also find our music on BandCamp , you tube and Spotify as well as lots of other music platforms so do look around and find us.

Surge festival was awesome. We have now mixed the ‘live’ tracks from the gig and have seen the photos. We now await the video and when it all comes together we will share the results with you.

My tour with Becky Mills was a huge success, Totty the Romahome kept us comfy and warm on our travels and the gigs went brilliantly. We have plenty more planned so keep an eye for more info in the next couple of months.

I’m starting rehearsals for my solo album this year. Who knows how it will go but the musicians involved are wonderful so I’m sure beautiful music will be made.









Really looking forward to our ‘Songs of the shipyard’ concerts coming up in 2018/19 first one is on the 20th October in Derbyshire at the Florence Nightingale Memorial Hall, Holloway. Check here for more info and tickets:

We’ve really enjoyed recording a cd of the new material and will have this for sale at all out forthcoming gigs as well as our ‘Love Forgiven’ album which is in it’s second print now.
















Great times in Ireland with the When Traditions Meet crew! Having trouble uploading a photo so you’ll have to imagine the fun we had.

Back to Birmingham with lots of bubbling ideas for the months ahead. Booking a spring tour for Becky Mills and me, Peacock Angell is about to record an EP of Song’s of the Shipyard for our Live and Local gigs and much more.

Ah I can’t procrastinate anymore, must get back to it.

See you soon!


So school is back and as the dust of summer settles on the newly tuned piano I find myself spring cleaning and getting back on my bike! I think I’ve got the year upside down!

Summer was busy with lot’s of music and time with family.

Sid and I have been invited back to Derry for a repeat of the When Traditions Meet concert we did back in the summer so we’re off to Derry this weekend!


Photo from the Isle of Wight All Wight Now 2018 Festival where I got to be a hippie!



This summer so far has been gorgeous yet I find myself thinking a little rain would be very welcome over night. We’ve had sports day, now only a few days left til the summer holidays. My lovely neighbour Margarethe has been harvesting rose petals and making pot-pourri and evening primrose tea! I love love love it when the harvest begins.

 Watch this space for Peacock Angell and Froe dates coming up soon with Live and Local and see if we’re coming to play near you. If we’re not and you’d like to have us come and play for you in your theatre, village hall, front room, church or folk club then just pop me a message and we’ll make it happen.


Ahh hello! Not sure what’s happened but I seem to have lost my other blog…… I’m sure it’ll turn up somewhere, probably down the back of the sofa or under the seat in the van with all the other lost things!

I’ve just done two days recording for Becky Mills. Such a lovely time and can’t wait for the results to be public. Watch this space!


Anyway this sunshine has just been gorgeous and we’re beavering away on lots of things. SURGE in Spring 2 was a huge success and you can watch our highlight video here: HIGHLIGHTS OF SURGE .

Lot’s of exciting projects in the pipeline working with Sid Peacock on ‘When Traditions Meet’ in Derry Northern Ireland check my Gigs page for further info. and upcoming gigs with Peacock Angell , Becky Mills and Ashley Hutchings.






Strawberries are out and I even made jam! Soooo delicious on a hot crumpet.








Some moments from the garden, Strawberries wild and cultivated, flowers for the bees and a beetle we need some help identifying!