March 5th, 2018 by Ruth

Ooh that’s better now! I can actually see the crocuses and they’ve opened out like little stars all of a sudden, relieved to have some warmer weather.

Glad that this snow and Siberian temperatures seem to be over now!

Lots of exciting things to come in 2018.


Date for your diary!! 21/4/2018

Now Spring is officially here it’s time to announce  Surge in Spring is back!  On Saturday the 21st April from 12noon onwards at the Midlands Arts Centre in Birmingham there will be a whole day of wonderful music, art, collaborations, activities and much more. This one day Festival is in partnership with Birmingham University and Sid Peacock, Arts Council England amongst others (I will update this the I have the full Flyer). The Flyer is at the printers as I type and I will put on here as soon as it arrives!!

Peacock Angell, Becky Mills and Ruth Angell and The Froe have gigs this year and you can find them on my gig page.


Becky Mills and Ruth Angell is my new duo with my lovely friend Becky. You can check out her solo music here!


I’ll post a video of us when I can figure out how to do it!

That’s all for now.


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New gigs starting to come in! 2017/18

June 15th, 2017 by Ruth

Ruth by Melissa 2017


Gigs starting to come in now for the next year. Peacock Angell dates to be confirmed then a tour list will be posted up here and on our website www.peacockangellcom . Some Froe gigs in the diary so please have a look and see if you can come along to any of them! This is a quartet of women playing beautiful string arrangements and songs with a classy folk style.

Songs have been arriving and I’ve been catching them when I can, some new material being worked on and lots of busy music making happening.

At Elspeths

At Elspeths


Peacock Angell

Sid and I have been working on a project setting the poems of Thomas Carnduff to music and will be performing these with a choir and brass ensemble on the 6th August in Belfast. More details to come for this. We have also just received our photos from our shoot with Melissa Morris at Elspeth Owens studio in Grantchester. So excited! Here’s a sneaky preview and as we get them sorted we will put them on our website. Please check out Elspeth work, it’s inspirational.

We are recording a demo cd on Tuesday 20th with Greg Chandler at Priory Recording studios with the help and support of some wonderful friends and as soon as it’s ready will share with you.

Any gig enquiries please contact us directly and we will get back to you directly. Enjoy the sun!


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Peacock Angell Trio

December 20th, 2016 by Ruth


Peacock Angell trio with Steve Tromans.

Hi all, so things are looking great for 2017 already. We have a 9 date ‘live and local’ tour to start off the year beginning on 21st January. Check out my gig’s listings  for further details on dates and venues or visit peacockangell.com .

We are planning to release a cd in 2017 and other plans are afoot.




Peacock Angell Band . Our most local gig this spring is in Bewdley on the 24th March 2017. We play the St Georges Hall, a great venue and we are happy to announce that this is a showcase event with the whole performing. Ruth Angell on violin and vocals, Sid Peacock on guitar and voacals, Simon King on guitar and bass, Eimear Mc Geown on flute and whistles, Steve Tromans on piano and Tymek Jozwiak on drums.


Recently we played at the opening of a wonderful initiative ‘Room Art’ by Melissa Morris and Marcin Sz. They turned their two front rooms into an art gallery showcasing local artists from Birmingham.  Opening their house to the public and throughout the week they held open rehearsals in which members of the public could come and view the art whilst listening to amazing musicians rehearsing. So much wonderful ideas, art and music in this city.

Date for your diary 8th April 2017. Sid Peacock is curating a wonderful day long festival at the MAC (Midlands Arts Centre). ‘Grow Your Own Surge in Spring’ will involve the Surge Orchestra curated and directed by Sid Peacock also involving a group of professional, diverse and creative musicians from the city. There will be many events throughout the day ranging from a BeeBop quartet, a gospel group, the Surge orchestra, string quartet and free jazz. A day not to be missed!

Regarding tea, I am pleased to announce that after a long period, years of just tea bags in our house finally we have some loose tea in the tin. It’s about time too! It tastes amazing!



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Peacock Angell Band – Castle on the Hill

November 27th, 2014 by Ruth

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It’s been a while….

May 1st, 2013 by Ruth

Well hello there….anyone there? ahh it’s been a while but I think I’m back now :-)

So, I have a new hair cut! My little son has made his presence felt with sticky fingers pulling out my lovely long tresses so I decided to go for the Amelie, Louise Brooks look. Much easier.

There should be lots to report! But I can’t remember the order in which I should report it so I’ll just list a few things incase you were wondering.

SURGE played at London Jazz Festival at the end of last year and we had a fabulous time with a brilliant audience. Rainbow Chasers have been gigging quietly away with sell out gigs on all our latest Live and Local gigs which we just love! Peacock Angell did a concert at the MAC Birmingham at which Steve Tromans and Max Gittings joined us on piano and chinese gourd, such a perfectly formed audience and a lovely time had by all. I have also been doing some fun string recording sessions lately for a Rock album at Priory studios, Canwell and Kate Double Day’s new album at Red Kite Studios in Wales.

Coming up are more Rainbow Chasers gigs (check my gigs page) and Peacock Angell are gearing up for a full band gig at Symphony Hall Musical Picnic on 24th August! Bring yourselves, your children and an instrument if you wish :-)

So that’s all for now, I’m sure there’s loads missing but I’ll do my level best to keep up with myself now and keep updating this blog as life moves on, ever on.

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