Ooh that’s better now! I can actually see the crocuses and they’ve opened out like little stars all of a sudden, relieved to have some warmer weather.

Glad that this snow and Siberian temperatures seem to be over now!

Lots of exciting things to come in 2018.


Date for your diary!! 21/4/2018

Now Spring is officially here it’s time to announce  Surge in Spring is back!  On Saturday the 21st April from 12noon onwards at the Midlands Arts Centre in Birmingham there will be a whole day of wonderful music, art, collaborations, activities and much more. This one day Festival is in partnership with Birmingham University and Sid Peacock, Arts Council England amongst others (I will update this the I have the full Flyer). The Flyer is at the printers as I type and I will put on here as soon as it arrives!!

Peacock Angell, Becky Mills and Ruth Angell and The Froe have gigs this year and you can find them on my gig page.


Becky Mills and Ruth Angell is my new duo with my lovely friend Becky. You can check out her solo music here!


I’ll post a video of us when I can figure out how to do it!

That’s all for now.