NEW CD RELEASE ‘Love Forgiven’ on Peacock Angell Records

Well here it is!!! The new release ‘Love Forgiven’ on Peacock Angell Records.

Released on 12th March 2012 and distributed by Proper Distribution.

We have done several gigs already and cd’s have been selling really well! We are on the look out for more gigs though so if you enjoy what you hear and feel like putting us on please get in touch via the contact form on our website (click contact link highlighted above).



We did a cracker of a gig in Belfast last week at the Cescent Arts Centre as part of the Moving on Music Festival. What a feat to get 17 musicians from different parts of the UK and abroad! to Belfast with all their gear (including a full sized orchestral marimba!). I take my hat off to Moving on Music who organised us to within an inch of our lives and looked after us so well. It makes a real difference when you are treated well and the music is respected in this way. It was the best Surge gig I have been involved with in 8 years. The musicians I had the privilege to be playing with are phenomenal and the music we were playing by Sid Peacock was exceptional. Please go to to find out more about Sid and his music.


I can not understand why this music doesn’t get the recognition it deserves……Every gig we do with Surge the audience absolutely love it and go mad for cd’s! It’s not a genre specific music and there is something for everyone from the sublime to the ridiculous, from crazy calypso, to beautiful ballad, to contemporary jazz, to free improvisation to funk and african grooves. This is a band that deserves to play more and the music just gets better the more it’s played and heard. If BBC Radio 3 are championing us then why not all you others!! Come on now, it’s time to support creative music that doesn’t just tick your ‘pop‘ or ‘it’s sooooo interesting‘ box. In times like these we need music like this, it lifts the soul and then moves you to tears, it can take you to the darkest of places at the same time as making you laugh out loud and gaze in wonder at it all.

Come on you reviewers, radio shows,venues, promoters, magazines and newspapers there is so much incredible music out there that is being ignored because of one reason or another, perhaps it’s not commercial enough or it doesn’t fit the ‘acceptable mould‘ or maybe we just don’t know the right people to bribe!

We don’t ask for much, just the chance to share what it is we do with those who would like to hear it. You guys are the ones who can make this happen all we need is some support. We know for a fact that people love our music be it Surge Big Band or our Peacock Angell acoustic duet. It’s not just us who need support, there are many like us. Let’s see if the big guy’s have noticed the little guy’s yet.

Gosh, I enjoyed that rant! Not often I feel moved to be slightly political or confrontational but to be honest, I’ve had enough of people asking why we’re not doing more. Those who do support us (family, audience, some contemporaries, some organisations,some reviewers and radio stations) we can’t thank you enough, you are what keeps us going.

Ahhhhh now for half term 🙂 What an interesting first few months to this year. Lot’s brewing and as ever we keep on keeping on. I’ll try to keep up to date with this blog a bit more now.